Ken Heafner is a master toolmaker who has been designing knives since the age of 12 and has been an avid hunter for his entire life.  Ken has a natural aptitude for machining and design from a young age, winning a state wide award for design and machining while still in middle school.  Ken has worked in many areas of precision machining as a machinist and toolmaker in the areas of aerospace, medical and other highly technical industries.  Ken is the principal owner of a high precision machine shop and uses the same high standards in creating his knives. 

Ken has combined the best of precision machining with custom knife making to bring you very high quality custom knives at production prices. Ken considers all knives to be a tool and has worked for many years to design the perfect blend of cutting ability and edge retention.  Ken's knives have sold worldwide and are a favorite among hunters, military, law enforcement and weekend warriors.

Each knife is hardened, double tempered and cyrogenically frozen, resulting in a blade hardness of 58-60 HRc (Rockwell Hardness Scale).  Cryogenically freezing the blade in a deep cyro process produces a longer blade life as well as improving edge retention by 50-75% over simply hardening the blade.  Heafner Knives has spent much time and effort sourcing all of our materials from the United States.  We are proud to say that Heafner Knives are 100% made in the USA.  Heafner Knives stands behind its products 100%